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May 15, 2018 Weather in Northampton, MA: Cloudy, 70's, rain this afternoon SUNRISES SUNSETS.... plus a few Two quick weeks, and now I sit at my kitchen windows looking out at all the green and my neighbor's fence, and none of the expansive high desert views, no sculpture garden of silvery, burned trees, no glowing grasses. The possibility of fire is very high this Summer, as the Winter brought little snow, and no rain in the forecast. The Park is in readiness mode. The 2 weeks at Mesa Verde were a wonderful and unique experience, and I may be hooked on National Park residencies. Others in the future? As anticipated, it was an excellent step away from the usual routines, filled with quiet, and western birdsong. Each day held boundless time and potential....and the time flew by regardless. It's a small world. Saddle maker Lisa Skyhorse attended my presentation in the park.....she was an artist in residence 2 years ago. I invited her back to the hogan for dinner, and

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